Does TTS Discord Work on Mobile?

Does tts Discord work on mobile?

Discord is a popular communication platform used by millions of people worldwide. It allows users to chat, voice call, and video call with friends, family, and colleagues. One of the features that users often wonder about is the ability to use Text-to-Speech (TTS). TTS is a technology that converts written text into spoken words, allowing users with visual impairments or difficulty reading to interact with the platform.

When it comes to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, many users may be curious to know if Discord’s TTS feature is available. The answer is yes, Discord’s TTS feature does work on mobile. Whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, you can enable TTS for both text messages and voice channels.

Enabling TTS on mobile is easy. Simply tap on the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner of the screen to access the settings menu. From there, you can select “Notifications & Sound” and scroll down to find the “Text-to-Speech” option. Toggle the switch to enable TTS for both text messages and voice channels, and you’re all set.

However, it’s important to note that the availability and functionality of the TTS feature may vary depending on the device and operating system version. It’s always a good idea to keep your device and Discord app updated to ensure you have access to the latest features and improvements.

How does tts Discord work on mobile?

How does tts Discord work on mobile?

TTS (Text-to-Speech) Discord feature allows users to have text messages spoken out loud using a computer-generated voice. While TTS functionality is available on the Discord desktop version, it also works on mobile devices.

To use TTS Discord on mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Discord app on your mobile device.
  2. Select the server where you want to use TTS.
  3. Tap on the channel where you want to send a TTS message.
  4. Start typing your message in the message input field.
  5. Place “/tts” before your message to enable the TTS feature. For example, “/tts Hello, how are you?”
  6. Once you send the message, it will be read out loud to all users in the voice channel.

It is important to note that TTS Discord works differently on mobile compared to the desktop version. While on desktop, TTS messages can be heard by all users regardless of their channel, on mobile, TTS messages are only audible within the voice channel where they were sent.

Additionally, the TTS feature can be customized using Discord settings on mobile. Users can adjust the TTS volume, choose different voices, and even select the language for the TTS messages.

Overall, TTS Discord on mobile provides a convenient way for users to have their messages read out loud in voice channels, adding another layer of accessibility and communication options to the Discord app experience.

Advantages of using tts Discord on mobile

Using tts (text-to-speech) Discord on mobile devices offers several advantages:

  • Accessibility: With tts Discord on mobile, users with visual impairments or disabilities that make it difficult to read text on their device can still participate in discussions. The tts feature can read out the messages, allowing these users to stay engaged and connected with their community.
  • Convenience: Mobile devices are portable and always within reach. Having tts Discord on your mobile device ensures that you can receive real-time notifications and stay active in your Discord server from anywhere, without the need for a computer.
  • Multi-tasking: Mobile devices allow for multi-tasking, enabling users to listen to tts Discord messages while performing other tasks simultaneously. Whether you’re cooking, exercising, or commuting, you can stay connected to your Discord conversations without having to focus solely on reading the messages.
  • Improved productivity: By utilizing tts Discord on mobile, you can save time and be more productive. Instead of reading through long messages or threads, you can simply listen to them while you continue with your other tasks.

In conclusion, integrating tts Discord on mobile devices provides accessibility, convenience, multitasking capabilities, and improved productivity, making it a valuable feature for mobile Discord users.

Limitations of tts Discord on mobile

While Discord’s text-to-speech (tts) feature is widely used and appreciated by users, it does have some limitations when it comes to mobile devices.

  • Platform availability: Discord tts is available on both desktop and mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. However, certain limitations are specific to mobile devices.
  • Screen size: Mobile screens are generally smaller compared to desktop screens, which can affect the readability and overall experience of using tts on mobile. The limited screen space might make it difficult to follow conversations or view long messages properly.
  • Interrupted user experience: Mobile devices are often used on the go, which means that users might receive notifications or phone calls while using tts. These interruptions can disrupt the tts reading or cause it to pause, making it harder to follow the conversation.
  • Limited control: Mobile devices have limited control options compared to desktop computers. This can make it challenging to customize the tts settings or fine-tune the reading speed, volume, or voice settings on mobile.
  • Compatibility issues: Discord tts relies on various software components and APIs to work properly. Mobile devices might have compatibility issues or limitations with these components, resulting in inconsistent performance or missing features.

In summary, while tts Discord is available on mobile devices, users may encounter limitations such as screen size, interrupted user experience, limited control, and compatibility issues. It’s essential to consider these factors when using tts on mobile and be aware that the experience might differ from using it on a desktop.

How to enable tts Discord on mobile

To enable text-to-speech (TTS) on the Discord mobile app, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Discord app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) located at the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down the menu and select “Settings”.
  4. In the settings menu, tap on “Notifications”.
  5. Under the “Direct Messages” section, you will find the “Text-to-Speech” option.
  6. Toggle the switch next to “Text-to-Speech” to enable it. When the switch turns green, it means that TTS is enabled.
  7. You can further customize the TTS settings by tapping on “Text-to-Speech Behavior”. Here, you can adjust the speed and choose different languages for the TTS feature.

Once you have enabled TTS, you will receive audio notifications for text messages in Discord. The app will read out the messages to you, allowing you to listen to them instead of reading.

How to use tts Discord on mobile

If you want to use the text-to-speech (TTS) feature on Discord from your mobile device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Discord app on your mobile device.
  2. Login to your Discord account or create a new account if you haven’t done so already.
  3. Tap on the server you want to enable TTS on.
  4. Once you’re in the server, tap on the three horizontal lines icon located at the top left corner of the screen to open the server menu.
  5. In the server menu, scroll down and tap on “Settings”.
  6. In the server settings, tap on “Notifications”.
  7. In the notifications settings, scroll down and find the “Text-to-Speech Notifications” option.
  8. To enable TTS, tap on the toggle switch next to the “Text-to-Speech Notifications” option so that it turns green.
  9. To adjust the TTS settings, tap on the “Text-to-Speech Notifications” option.
  10. In the TTS settings, you can customize the behavior of TTS, such as the language, volume, and other options.
  11. Once you’ve customized the TTS settings, tap on the back arrow icon located at the top left corner of the screen to return to the server settings.
  12. Tap on the back arrow icon again to return to the server.

Now you have successfully enabled and configured the TTS feature on Discord for your mobile device. You will now receive spoken notifications for messages in the server you enabled TTS on.

Alternatives to tts Discord on mobile

If you are looking for alternatives to using tts Discord on your mobile device, there are several options available. While Discord does not currently have a built-in text-to-speech feature for its mobile app, there are other apps and tools that you can use to achieve a similar effect.

Here are some alternatives to consider:

  • Voice Dream Reader: This app is available on both iOS and Android and offers a variety of ways to convert text to speech. It supports multiple languages and allows you to customize the voice and speed of the speech.
  • NaturalReader: This app is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers a diverse range of voices. It allows you to convert text to speech and also provides features like text highlighting and word prediction.
  • Google Text-to-Speech: This is a free app developed by Google and is available for Android devices. It offers high-quality speech synthesis and supports multiple languages.
  • iSpeech: Available for both iOS and Android, iSpeech offers a range of features, including text-to-speech conversion, voice recognition, and translation capabilities. It supports multiple languages and allows you to customize the voice and speed of the speech.

In conclusion, while tts Discord does not have a built-in feature for mobile devices, there are alternative apps and tools available that can provide similar functionality. These apps offer various features like text-to-speech conversion, voice customization, and support for multiple languages.

Common issues with tts Discord on mobile

While Discord’s tts (text-to-speech) feature is a popular and useful tool for many users, it can sometimes encounter issues on mobile devices. Here are some common problems that users may experience:

  1. Incompatibility with certain devices: Discord’s tts feature may not work on all mobile devices, especially older models or those with limited processing power. Users may need to check system requirements or consider updating their device to use this feature.
  2. Limited customization options: Compared to the desktop version, Discord’s tts feature on mobile may have fewer customization options available. Users may not be able to adjust the voice settings or change the speech rate, which can limit the usability for some individuals.
  3. Inconsistent voice quality: Due to the varying hardware and software capabilities of different mobile devices, the voice quality of Discord’s tts feature may differ between devices. Some users may experience lower-quality or distorted voices, making it harder to understand the speech.
  4. Noisy environments: Mobile devices are often used in noisy environments, and background noise can interfere with the accuracy of Discord’s tts feature. This can lead to misinterpretation or incorrect pronunciation of text, causing confusion or misunderstanding.
  5. Accessibility limitations: While tts can be a valuable tool for individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties, some users may find it challenging to access or navigate the tts feature on mobile devices. Accessibility options, such as screen reader support, may not be fully integrated, impacting the user experience.

Despite these common issues, Discord’s tts feature on mobile can still provide convenience and accessibility for users who prefer or require text-to-speech functionality. It’s essential to keep in mind the limitations and potential challenges when using this feature on mobile devices.


Does tts Discord work on Android?

Yes, tts Discord works on Android. You can enable text-to-speech (TTS) feature in the Discord app settings and listen to messages read out loud.

How can I enable tts Discord on my iPhone?

To enable tts Discord on your iPhone, go to the settings in the Discord app, select “Text & Images,” and toggle on the “Text-to-Speech” feature. This will allow you to listen to messages using TTS.

Can I use tts Discord on my iPad?

Yes, you can use tts Discord on your iPad. Simply go to the settings in the Discord app, select “Text & Images,” and toggle on the “Text-to-Speech” feature. This will enable TTS for messages on your iPad.

Is it possible to use tts Discord on my Windows Phone?

No, it is not possible to use tts Discord on a Windows Phone. Discord does not support Windows Phone devices, so you will not be able to enable the TTS feature on your device.

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