Learn how to drift in GTA 5 like a pro

How do you drift in GTA 5?

Drifting is not just a driving technique, it’s an art form. And if you’ve ever played Grand Theft Auto V, then you know just how exhilarating it can be to slide around corners at high speeds in a perfectly executed drift. But mastering this skill takes time and practice.

First and foremost, you need the right car. GTA 5 offers a wide range of vehicles, each with its own unique handling characteristics. For drifting, you’ll want a car that’s rear-wheel drive and has enough power to break traction easily. Some popular choices include the Bravado Banshee, Declasse Drift Yosemite, or the Karin Futo.

Once you have the right car, it’s time to learn the techniques. Drifting involves deliberately oversteering and causing the rear tires to lose traction, allowing the car to slide through corners. The key to a successful drift is finding the right balance between throttle control, counter-steering, and weight transfer.

Throttle control is crucial in maintaining the slide. You’ll need to feather the throttle, applying just enough gas to keep the wheels spinning while also preventing them from spinning out of control. Counter-steering is another important skill to master. As the rear of the car begins to slide, you’ll need to turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction to maintain control and keep the drift going.

Finally, weight transfer plays a significant role in drifting. By shifting the car’s weight to the rear as you enter a corner, you increase the traction on the rear tires, making it easier to initiate and maintain the drift. You can do this by braking slightly as you approach the corner, then quickly releasing the brakes and applying the gas while simultaneously counter-steering.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Drifting in GTA 5 is a skill that takes time to master, but with determination and practice, you’ll be able to pull off some jaw-dropping drifts and leave your competitors in the dust. So, hop into your favorite drift car, find an open road or a closed circuit, and start honing your drifting skills today!

The Basics of Drifting in GTA 5

Drifting in GTA 5 is an exciting and impressive skill that can be mastered with practice. Whether you want to show off your drifting skills to friends or simply enjoy the thrill of power sliding around corners, learning the basics is essential. Here are some key tips to get started with drifting in GTA 5:

  1. Selecting the Right Vehicle: Not all vehicles in GTA 5 are suitable for drifting. Look for cars with rear-wheel drive and good handling characteristics. Popular choices include the Elegy RH8, Sultan, and Futo.
  2. Adjusting Suspension: To improve drifting performance, consider adjusting the suspension settings. A stiffer suspension can help with better control and responsiveness during drifts.
  3. Mastering the Handbrake: The handbrake is a crucial tool for initiating drifts. Practice using it to initiate the slide by tapping it while making a turn. Be careful not to hold it for too long, as it can result in a spinout.
  4. Timing is Key: Drifts require precise timing. Look for opportunities to drift on wide corners or open spaces. Start braking just before the turn, release the gas, and tap the handbrake to initiate the drift. Feather the throttle to maintain control throughout the drift.
  5. Practice Makes Perfect: Drifting takes time to master, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed at first. Explore different areas in the game to practice, such as the Los Santos International Airport or the Vinewood Hills. Experiment with different techniques and settings to find what works best for you.

Remember, drifting in GTA 5 is all about style and finesse. To impress your friends or achieve high scores in drift challenges, focus on maintaining control, using the right vehicle, and practicing consistently. With dedication and perseverance, you can become a master of drifting in GTA 5!

Understanding Drifting

Drifting is a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, causing the rear wheels to lose traction and slide sideways. It is a popular form of motorsport that requires skill, precision, and control.

There are several key elements to understand when it comes to drifting:

  1. Traction: Drifting requires a low level of traction on the rear wheels. This can be achieved through various methods, such as using special tires or reducing the grip of the rear wheels.
  2. Weight Transfer: Weight transfer plays a crucial role in drifting. Shifting the weight of the car to the rear during a drift allows the rear wheels to break loose and slide.
  3. Countersteering: Countersteering is the act of turning the front wheels in the opposite direction of the drift to maintain control and stability. It helps to keep the car balanced and prevent it from spinning out.
  4. Angle: The angle at which the car drifts is a key aspect of mastering drifting. The driver must learn to control the angle of the drift to maintain a smooth and stylish slide.

Drifting in GTA 5 emulates the real-life drifting experience to some extent. The game features realistic physics and mechanics that simulate the thrill and excitement of drifting. Players can practice their drifting skills in various locations, including dedicated drift tracks or on the streets of Los Santos.

To perform a drift in GTA 5, players can use handbrake turns, power slides, and other techniques to initiate and control the drift. It requires precise timing and control of the vehicle’s speed, angle, and throttle input. Players can also modify their cars with upgrades to improve their drifting performance.

Mastering the art of drifting in GTA 5 takes practice, patience, and a deep understanding of the physics involved. By honing your skills and experimenting with different techniques, you can become a skilled drifter and tackle the challenging drift events and competitions in the game.

Benefits of Drifting in GTA 5
Benefits Description
Entertainment Drifting in GTA 5 provides an exciting and thrilling experience for players.
Competition Drifting competitions and events in the game allow players to showcase their skills and compete against others.
Customization Players can customize their cars with various modifications and upgrades to enhance their drifting abilities.
Challenge Mastering drifting in GTA 5 presents a challenge that tests the player’s skill and precision.

In conclusion, understanding the basics of drifting, including traction, weight transfer, countersteering, and angle, is essential for mastering the art of drifting in GTA 5. With practice and experimentation, players can become skilled drifters and enjoy the excitement and challenges that drifting in the game has to offer.

Choosing the Right Car for Drifting

Choosing the Right Car for Drifting

When it comes to mastering the art of drifting in GTA 5, choosing the right car is crucial. Not all cars are designed to handle drifting, so it’s important to select a vehicle that has the necessary attributes for optimal drifting performance.

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a car for drifting:

  1. Power: A powerful engine is essential for drifting, as it allows the car to break traction and initiate and control slides. Look for cars with high horsepower and torque ratings, as they will provide the necessary power to perform drifts effectively.
  2. Rear-Wheel Drive: Rear-wheel drive (RWD) cars are generally better suited for drifting compared to front-wheel drive (FWD) or all-wheel drive (AWD) cars. RWD cars distribute power to the rear wheels, which allows for more control and better drift angles.
  3. Handling: Good handling characteristics are crucial for drifting. Look for cars with responsive steering, balanced weight distribution, and a low center of gravity. These features will enable you to maintain control and execute precise drifts.
  4. Suspension: A well-tuned suspension setup is important for maintaining control during drifts. Look for cars with adjustable suspensions or upgrades that allow you to fine-tune the vehicle’s handling characteristics to your preferences.
  5. Tires: Tires play a significant role in drifting performance. Look for tires with good grip, but also with the ability to break traction when needed. Performance tires or drift-specific tires are generally the best options for drifting.

Keep in mind that personal preference also plays a role in car selection for drifting. Some players may prefer lighter, more nimble cars, while others may opt for heavier cars with more stability. Experiment with different cars to find the one that suits your drifting style and preferences.

Remember, mastering the art of drifting takes practice and patience. With the right car and some dedication, you’ll be able to take your drifting skills to the next level in GTA 5.

Improving Your Car’s Performance

When it comes to drifting in GTA 5, having a car with good performance is crucial. Here are some tips to improve your car’s performance:

  • Upgrade your engine: Invest in engine upgrades to increase your car’s horsepower and acceleration. This will help you initiate and maintain drifts more easily.
  • Modify your suspension: Adjusting your suspension can enhance your car’s handling, making it more responsive and stable while drifting. Lowering the suspension can also lower the car’s center of gravity, improving its balance.
  • Equip specialized tires: Choose tires that provide better traction and grip. Performance or drift tires are ideal for drifting as they offer more control over your car’s movements.
  • Add a turbocharger: Installing a turbocharger can significantly boost your car’s power output. It will provide extra horsepower, allowing you to accelerate quickly and maintain speed during drifts.
  • Install a limited-slip differential: A limited-slip differential distributes power evenly between the wheels, allowing for better control and stability while drifting. This modification can prevent your inside wheel from spinning out during a drift.

Remember to visit the Los Santos Customs shop to find all the performance upgrades and modifications mentioned above. Experiment with different combinations to find the best setup for your drifting style. Practice and master these techniques, and you’ll become a drift king in no time!

Mastering Drift Techniques

Drifting is a popular technique in GTA 5 that allows players to slide their cars around corners in a controlled manner. It requires skill and practice to master, but with the right techniques, you can become a pro drifter in no time.

  • Choose the right car: Some cars in GTA 5 are better suited for drifting than others. Look for vehicles with rear-wheel drive and good acceleration. It’s also important to consider the weight distribution of the car, as this can affect how it handles during drifts. Experiment with different cars to find the one that feels most comfortable for you.

  • Master throttle control: The key to a successful drift is maintaining control over your throttle. Use the accelerator to initiate the drift and adjust the throttle to maintain the slide. Too much throttle can cause you to spin out, while too little can cause you to lose momentum. Practice finding the right balance to keep your car drifting smoothly.

  • Learn the handbrake technique: The handbrake is an essential tool for initiating and maintaining drifts. Use it in combination with the accelerator to break traction on the rear wheels and initiate the slide. Once in the drift, use small bursts of the handbrake to adjust your angle and maintain control. Mastering the handbrake technique is crucial for precise and controlled drifts.

  • Practice in open areas: Find an open area with plenty of space to practice your drifts. This will give you room to experiment with different techniques and learn how to control your car. Avoid crowded areas or places with heavy traffic, as this can make it difficult to practice and increase the risk of collisions.

  • Use the right camera angle: Adjusting your camera angle can help you get a better view of the track and improve your drifting. Experiment with different camera settings to find the one that works best for you. Some players prefer the third-person view, while others find the first-person perspective more immersive. Find the camera angle that provides the best visibility and control for your drifts.

Remember, mastering drift techniques in GTA 5 takes time and practice. Be patient, keep experimenting, and soon you’ll be drifting through the streets of Los Santos with style and precision.

Finding the Perfect Drift Locations

One of the most important aspects of mastering the art of drifting in GTA 5 is finding the perfect location to practice and perfect your technique. With so many different areas to explore in the game, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Here are some tips on finding the perfect drift locations:

  • Open Spaces: Look for areas in the game that provide ample space for drifting. Wide-open roads or large parking lots are ideal for practicing your drifts without any obstacles or traffic getting in the way.
  • Curvy Roads: Another great option is to find roads in the game that have a lot of curves. These types of roads provide a natural setting for practicing your drifting skills and help simulate real-life scenarios.
  • Mountains and Hills: If you’re looking for a more challenging drift location, head to the mountains or hills in the game. The uneven terrain and sharp turns will put your drifting abilities to the test.
  • Industrial Areas: Industrial areas with warehouses and shipping containers can offer unique and exciting opportunities for drift practice. These locations often have tight spaces and obstacles that require precise drifting skills to navigate.
  • Beaches and Dunes: For a change of scenery, try drifting on the sandy beaches or dunes in the game. The loose sand can make drifting more difficult, but it’s a great way to challenge yourself and improve your skills.

Exploring the game map and experimenting with different locations is key to finding the perfect drift spot for you. Whether you prefer wide open spaces or tight, challenging areas, GTA 5 offers a variety of options to suit your style.

Remember, always practice responsible drifting and be mindful of other players and traffic in the game. Have fun and enjoy mastering the art of drifting in GTA 5!

Building your Drifting Skills with Challenges

Drifting in GTA 5 can be a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping experience. It requires a combination of skill, technique, and control to master the art of drifting. To improve your drifting skills, it’s essential to challenge yourself and push the boundaries of your abilities. Here are some challenges you can undertake to take your drifting to the next level:

  1. Tight Corner Drifts: Find a tight corner or hairpin turn on the map and practice drifting around it. Focus on maintaining control and sliding smoothly through the turn without spinning out.
  2. Long Drifts: Look for a stretch of road with minimal traffic and practice maintaining a drift for as long as possible. Pay attention to your speed, throttle control, and steering angle to sustain the drift.
  3. Drift Trials: Set up a series of markers or cones in an open area and challenge yourself to drift through them in the fastest time possible. This will help you work on your accuracy, precision, and timing.
  4. Narrow Route Drifts: Find a narrow and winding road and attempt to drift through it without hitting any walls or barriers. This challenge will test your spatial awareness, reaction time, and control over the vehicle.
  5. Tandem Drifting: Team up with a friend who also enjoys drifting and practice tandem drifting. Try to synchronize your movements and maintain close proximity to each other while drifting. This challenge will help you improve your coordination and car control.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you challenge yourself and push your limits, the better you will become at drifting in GTA 5. Don’t be discouraged by failures or setbacks – they are an important part of the learning process. Keep experimenting, refining your techniques, and honing your skills, and soon enough, you’ll be mastering the art of drifting in GTA 5 like a pro.

Customizing Your Drift Car

When it comes to mastering the art of drifting in GTA 5, customizing your car can make a big difference in your drifting experience. The right modifications can improve your car’s handling, traction, and overall performance, allowing you to pull off those incredible drifts with ease.

1. Suspension: Upgrading your car’s suspension is crucial for drifting. Lowering the ride height and installing stiffer springs can help improve stability and reduce body roll, making it easier to maintain control during drifts.

2. Tires: Choosing the right tires is essential for drifting. Opt for high-performance tires with a low grip rating to allow for better sliding and drifting. Consider getting drift-specific tires to maximize your control and slide effortlessly around corners.

3. Differential: Upgrading your car’s differential can significantly enhance your drifting capabilities. A limited-slip differential (LSD) helps distribute power more evenly between the wheels, improving traction and making it easier to maintain your drifts.

4. Engine: Adding more power to your car’s engine can give you the extra boost you need for impressive drifts. Upgrade your engine components, such as the turbo, exhaust, and intake, to increase horsepower and torque, providing more control and acceleration during drifts.

5. Weight Balance: Achieving the right weight balance is crucial for drifting. Consider removing unnecessary weight by removing seats or installing lighter materials. You can also distribute weight more evenly by adjusting the position of certain components, such as the battery or fuel tank.

6. Aerodynamics: Improving your car’s aerodynamics can help enhance stability and control during drifting. Install a rear spoiler or diffuser to increase downforce, which will keep your car planted to the ground and prevent it from spinning out of control.

7. Brakes: Upgrading your car’s brakes is essential for precise control during drifts. Install high-performance brakes with larger rotors and calipers to improve stopping power and prevent brake fade, allowing you to maintain control and execute precise drifts with ease.

8. Visual Upgrades: While not directly affecting performance, visual upgrades can enhance your drifting experience. Add decals, liveries, or paint jobs to give your car a unique look and show off your personal style on the streets of Los Santos.

Remember, customizing your drift car is all about finding the right balance between performance upgrades and personal preferences. Experiment with different modifications and find what works best for your drifting style. With the right setup, you’ll be on your way to becoming a drift king in GTA 5!

Showcasing Your Drifting Skills Online

Drifting in GTA 5 is not only an enjoyable way to pass the time, but it can also be a skill that you can show off to others. One way to showcase your drifting skills is by uploading videos of your best drifts to video sharing platforms such as YouTube or Twitch.

When creating your drifting video, make sure to highlight your best moments and tricks. Use video editing software to enhance the visuals and add effects that enhance the overall viewing experience. You can also include a commentary track to explain your thought process and tactics during the drifts.

Another way to showcase your drifting skills online is by participating in drifting competitions or events. There are various online communities and forums dedicated to GTA 5 drifting, where you can find information about upcoming competitions and events. Participating in these events not only allows you to demonstrate your skills but also provides an opportunity to connect with other skilled drifters.

In addition to videos and competitions, you can also showcase your drifting skills through social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Upload pictures and short videos of your best drifts, along with a caption that describes the techniques used and any challenges faced during the drift. Engage with other drifters and enthusiasts by using relevant hashtags and joining drifting-related communities.

Furthermore, consider creating a website or blog dedicated to showcasing your drifting skills. This platform allows you to provide in-depth tutorials, tips, and tricks on drifting in GTA 5. You can also share your personal experiences and journey as a drifter, inspiring others to improve their skills and join the drifting community.

Lastly, don’t forget to interact with the drifting community online. Engage in discussions on forums, reply to comments on your videos and social media posts, and support other drifters by sharing their content. Building relationships with other drifters can lead to collaborations and opportunities to showcase your drifting skills to a wider audience.

In conclusion, showcasing your drifting skills online is an excellent way to connect with other drifters, inspire beginners, and gain recognition within the GTA 5 drifting community. Whether it’s through videos, competitions, social media, or creating your own platform, there are various avenues to display your talent and passion for drifting.


What is drifting in GTA 5?

Drifting in GTA 5 is a driving technique in which the player deliberately oversteers the vehicle, causing it to lose traction and slide sideways. It requires skill and practice to control the vehicle while sliding and maintain control.

What vehicles are best for drifting in GTA 5?

There are several vehicles in GTA 5 that are well-suited for drifting. Popular choices include the Karin Futo, Bravado Banshee 900R, and the Dinka Jester. These vehicles have good handling and are capable of maintaining slides for longer periods of time.

How can I improve my drifting skills in GTA 5?

Improving your drifting skills in GTA 5 takes practice and a good understanding of vehicle control. Start by finding a wide open space, such as an empty parking lot, and practice controlling the vehicle while sliding. Experiment with different throttle inputs and steering angles to find the perfect balance of control and slide.

Are there any specific techniques I should use while drifting in GTA 5?

Yes, there are several techniques that can help improve your drifting in GTA 5. One technique is to use the handbrake to initiate the slide, while another is to use a combination of throttle control and steering input to maintain the slide. It’s also important to keep your speed in check and avoid excessive throttle inputs, as this can cause you to lose control.

Is drifting a useful skill to have in GTA 5?

While drifting may not always be the most practical driving technique in GTA 5, it can be a useful skill to have in certain situations. Being able to control your vehicle while sliding can help you navigate tight corners, evade pursuers, and add a level of style to your driving.

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