How many controllers does Xbox One come with?

How many controllers does Xbox One come with?

When it comes to gaming consoles, one of the most important aspects for gamers is the number of controllers that come with the console. After all, many popular games are designed to be played with friends or family, and having enough controllers for everyone is crucial.

So, how many controllers does the Xbox One come with? Well, the answer varies depending on the specific Xbox One bundle you purchase. The standard Xbox One bundle usually comes with one wireless controller, while some special editions or bundles may include two or more controllers.

The Xbox One wireless controller is a sleek and ergonomic device that features a textured grip, enhanced wireless range, and a built-in 3.5mm stereo headset jack. It also has a 9-foot USB cable for wired play or charging. With its advanced features and comfortable design, the Xbox One controller is perfect for both casual and competitive gaming.

Whether you’re playing alone or with friends, having enough controllers is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience. So, before purchasing an Xbox One, make sure to check the bundle and find out how many controllers are included, so you can have all the necessary equipment to fully enjoy your gaming sessions.

Finding the Number of Controllers Included with Xbox One

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you might be wondering how many controllers come with the Xbox One console. Well, the answer to that question depends on which version of the Xbox One you purchase. Let’s take a look at the different options:

  1. Xbox One S and Xbox One X Bundles

    Most Xbox One S and Xbox One X bundles come with one wireless controller included. This is the standard configuration for these consoles. However, it’s important to check the product description or ask the retailer to confirm the number of controllers included before making your purchase.

  2. Xbox One All-Digital Edition

    The Xbox One All-Digital Edition, as the name suggests, is a version of Xbox One that does not have a disc drive. It is specifically designed for digital content and does not include any physical game discs. Along with this, the Xbox One All-Digital Edition typically comes with one wireless controller included.

  3. Custom Xbox One Bundles

    Some retailers may offer custom Xbox One bundles that include additional controllers. These bundles are often limited-time offers or special promotions, so the number of controllers included can vary. Be sure to read the product description or contact the retailer for specific information regarding the number of controllers included in custom bundles.

In summary, most Xbox One consoles come with one wireless controller included. However, it’s always a good idea to check the product description or speak to the retailer to confirm the number of controllers included before making your purchase. Happy gaming!

Understanding Xbox One Controller Packaging

When purchasing an Xbox One console, it’s essential to understand the packaging and what you can expect to find inside. One of the key components that come with every Xbox One console is the controller. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to find in the Xbox One controller packaging.

1. Xbox One Controller

The primary item you will find in the Xbox One controller packaging is, of course, the controller itself. The Xbox One controller is a wireless controller that features a sleek design, ergonomic shape, and all the necessary buttons and triggers for gameplay.

2. Instruction Manual

Along with the controller, you will also find an instruction manual or user guide. The manual provides you with essential information on how to set up and use the controller, as well as troubleshooting tips and other important details.

3. Batteries

Many Xbox One controllers come with batteries included in the packaging. The batteries power the controller and allow it to connect wirelessly to the Xbox One console. However, some controllers may require you to purchase batteries separately, so it’s essential to check the packaging or product details before purchasing.

4. Optional Accessories

In some cases, the Xbox One controller packaging may include optional accessories such as a USB cable or a play-and-charge kit. These accessories can enhance your gaming experience by allowing you to charge the controller while playing or connect it to your console via USB.

5. Warranty Information

Lastly, you may find warranty information or details on how to register your Xbox One controller in the packaging. It’s essential to read and understand the warranty terms to ensure that you can utilize it if needed.

Overall, the Xbox One controller packaging typically includes the controller, instruction manual, batteries (in some cases), optional accessories, and warranty information. Understanding what is included in the packaging can help you make an informed decision when purchasing an Xbox One console.

What Comes in the Xbox One Standard Package?

The Xbox One standard package includes the following items:

  • An Xbox One console
  • One Xbox wireless controller
  • An HDMI cable
  • A power supply
  • A quick start guide

The Xbox One console is the main component of the package and serves as the central hub for gaming and entertainment. The console features a powerful processor, ample storage space, and a Blu-ray disc drive.

The Xbox wireless controller is the primary input device for playing games on the console. It has a comfortable design, responsive buttons, and built-in motion sensors. Additional controllers can be purchased separately for multiplayer gaming or for replacing a damaged or malfunctioning controller.

An HDMI cable is included to connect the Xbox One console to a TV or monitor. This cable carries both high-definition video and audio signals, ensuring a crisp and immersive gaming experience.

The power supply provides the necessary electrical power for the Xbox One console to function. It is important to use the provided power supply to ensure proper voltage and prevent damage to the console.

The quick start guide provides basic instructions for setting up and using the Xbox One console. It includes information on connecting the console to a TV, creating an Xbox Live account, and accessing the various features and functions of the console.

Overall, the Xbox One standard package provides everything needed to start gaming and enjoying other forms of entertainment on the console.

Exploring Special Edition Xbox One Bundles

Special Edition Xbox One Bundles are a great way to enhance your gaming experience with unique designs and exclusive content. These bundles often include a limited edition console, a special controller, and sometimes additional games or accessories.

One popular special edition bundle is the Xbox One X Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Bundle. This bundle features a console inspired by the futuristic world of Cyberpunk 2077, with custom artwork and a unique design. Included in the bundle is a matching controller, as well as a download code for the full game.

Another notable special edition bundle is the Xbox One S Minecraft Creators Bundle. This bundle includes a console designed with Minecraft-themed artwork, as well as a controller featuring the iconic grass block design. In addition to the console and controller, the bundle also includes Minecraft and a variety of other Minecraft-related content.

The Xbox One X NBA 2K20 Special Edition Bundle is perfect for basketball fans. It comes with a console and controller featuring a sleek black and gold design, inspired by the NBA 2K20 game. The bundle also includes a digital download of NBA 2K20 and other exclusive in-game content.

One of the most recent special edition bundles is the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition Bundle. This bundle celebrates the highly anticipated release of Halo Infinite with a console and controller featuring a unique Halo-themed design. It also includes a digital download of Halo Infinite and other bonus content.

Special Edition Xbox One Bundles are a great way to showcase your style and interests while enjoying your favorite games. Whether you’re a fan of Cyberpunk 2077, Minecraft, NBA 2K, or Halo, there’s a special edition bundle for you!

Can You Purchase Additional Controllers Separately?

Yes, you can purchase additional controllers separately for the Xbox One console. Whether you need an extra controller for multiplayer gaming or as a replacement for a damaged or malfunctioning controller, you have the option to buy them separately.

Xbox One controllers are available for purchase from various retailers, both online and in physical stores. You can check with electronics stores, gaming specialty stores, or online marketplaces to find the controller that suits your needs.

  • Official Xbox One Controllers: Microsoft produces official Xbox One controllers that are designed specifically for use with the console. These controllers offer features like improved ergonomics, wireless connectivity, and compatibility with Xbox One accessories.
  • Third-Party Controllers: There are also third-party controllers available from companies like Razer, Scuf Gaming, and PowerA. These controllers often offer additional features or customization options, but may vary in terms of quality and compatibility.

When purchasing additional controllers, it’s important to make sure they are compatible with your specific Xbox One console model. You should also consider your preferred controller features, such as wired or wireless connectivity, additional buttons or paddles, and overall comfort.

Additionally, keep in mind that purchasing additional controllers may be more cost-effective when bought in bundles or deals that include other Xbox One accessories or games.

Having extra controllers allows you to enjoy multiplayer gaming with friends and family, making your gaming experience more engaging and enjoyable. Whether you need a spare controller or want to expand your gaming setup, purchasing additional controllers separately is a convenient option for Xbox One owners.

How Many Players Can Use Xbox One Controllers Simultaneously?

The Xbox One console allows for up to four players to use controllers simultaneously. This means that you can have four people playing games together on the same console, each using their own controller. This is great for multiplayer gaming sessions with friends and family.

With the Xbox One, you can connect up to eight wireless controllers to the console at once. However, keep in mind that while you can connect eight controllers, the console itself supports a maximum of four players for simultaneous gameplay. This limit is due to the design and capabilities of the games and the console.

It’s worth noting that some games may have specific multiplayer restrictions or limitations. For example, certain games may only support two or three players for multiplayer, even though the Xbox One console can technically support up to four players. These restrictions are determined by the game developers and may vary from game to game.

If you’re planning on having a larger multiplayer gaming session, you can also connect multiple Xbox One consoles together using a local network or Xbox Live. This allows for even more players to join in on the fun, as long as each console has the required number of controllers.

In summary, the Xbox One console supports up to four players using controllers simultaneously, and you can connect up to eight controllers to the console. Keep in mind that some games may have specific multiplayer restrictions or limitations, so it’s always a good idea to check the game’s requirements before starting a multiplayer session.

Discovering the Wireless Controller Compatibility

When it comes to Xbox One, the compatibility of wireless controllers is an important factor to consider. The ability to connect and use multiple controllers enhances the gaming experience, especially when playing with friends or family.

1. Xbox One Controller

The Xbox One console comes with one wireless controller included in the package. This controller is designed specifically for Xbox One and offers a seamless and reliable gaming experience. It features an ergonomic design, responsive buttons, and precise analog sticks for superior control.

2. Xbox 360 Controller Compatibility

If you have Xbox 360 controllers, you’ll be glad to know that they are compatible with Xbox One consoles. By using the Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter for Windows or the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver, you can connect your Xbox 360 controllers to your Xbox One console. This allows you to continue using your existing controllers and enjoy your favorite games without any hassle.

3. Xbox Elite Controller

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is an advanced and customizable controller designed for serious gamers. It offers additional features such as interchangeable thumbsticks and D-pads, paddles on the back, and hair trigger locks for faster response times. The Xbox Elite Controller is compatible with Xbox One consoles and can be used wirelessly for an enhanced gaming experience.

4. Xbox Adaptive Controller

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a unique controller designed to meet the needs of gamers with limited mobility. It features large programmable buttons and can be customized with a variety of external inputs to accommodate different abilities. The Xbox Adaptive Controller is compatible with Xbox One consoles and allows users to play games comfortably and inclusively.

5. Other Compatible Controllers

In addition to the official Xbox controllers mentioned above, there are also third-party controllers that are compatible with Xbox One consoles. These controllers offer different features and designs, catering to different gaming preferences. It’s important to check the compatibility of third-party controllers with Xbox One consoles before purchasing to ensure they will work properly.


With the Xbox One console, you have various options for wireless controller compatibility. Whether you prefer the official Xbox controllers, want to use your Xbox 360 controllers, or explore third-party options, you can find a controller that suits your gaming needs. Consider the features, compatibility, and personal preferences to choose the right controller for an immersive gaming experience.

How to Connect Multiple Controllers to Xbox One

Connecting multiple controllers to your Xbox One is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Ensure that you have the necessary batteries or a compatible charging cable for each controller you wish to connect.
  2. Power on your Xbox One console.
  3. Press the Xbox button on your controller to power it on.
  4. On your Xbox One console, press the Connect button. It is usually located on the front of the console, near the disc tray or USB ports.
  5. Press and hold the Connect button on your controller. The button is usually located on the top edge of the controller, between the shoulder buttons.
  6. The Xbox button on your controller will start blinking, indicating that it is in the pairing mode.
  7. Wait for the Xbox button on your controller to stop blinking and remain lit. This means that the controller has successfully paired with the console.
  8. Repeat the process for each additional controller you want to connect, making sure to press and hold the Connect button on each controller. Each controller will have a unique light and button combination to identify it.

Once you have connected multiple controllers to your Xbox One, you can use them simultaneously for multiplayer gaming or other activities that require multiple players.

Note that not all games support multiple controllers, so it is important to check the game’s compatibility before attempting to play with multiple players.

Choosing the Right Number of Controllers for Your Gaming Needs

Gaming is an entertaining and immersive experience, and having the right number of controllers can make all the difference. Whether you are playing solo or with friends, it’s important to consider your gaming needs when deciding how many controllers to purchase for your Xbox One.

1. Solo Gaming:

If you primarily enjoy playing games by yourself, then one controller should be sufficient. Investing in an additional controller can be handy as a backup or for multiplayer games that allow you to control multiple characters simultaneously.

2. Local Multiplayer:

If you frequently have friends or family over for gaming sessions, having multiple controllers is essential. Xbox One consoles typically come with one controller, so you may need to purchase additional controllers to accommodate multiple players. Consider the number of people you usually play with and purchase controllers accordingly.

3. Online Multiplayer:

If you prefer online multiplayer gaming, where you connect with other players over the internet, you may not need as many controllers. In this case, investing in a single controller should be enough, as you will be playing with others remotely.

4. Party Games:

If you enjoy playing party games with a large group of people, such as trivia or dance games, having multiple controllers is crucial. These games often require each player to have their own controller to participate fully.

5. Budget:

Controllers can be an additional expense when purchasing a gaming console. Consider your budget and balance it with your gaming needs. If you have limited funds, start with one controller and gradually add more as your budget allows.

Summary of Controller Recommendations:
Gaming Scenario Recommended Number of Controllers
Solo Gaming 1
Local Multiplayer Depending on the number of players
Online Multiplayer 1
Party Games Depending on the number of players
Budget As per your affordability

In conclusion, the number of controllers you should choose for your Xbox One depends on your gaming preferences and needs. Consider factors such as solo or multiplayer gaming, the number of players you usually play with, and your budget to make an informed decision. Whether you choose to start with one controller or purchase multiple, remember that having the right number of controllers can enhance your gaming experience and make it more enjoyable.


How many controllers does the Xbox One come with?

The Xbox One usually comes with one controller in the box. However, there are bundle options available that include an additional controller.

Can I buy extra controllers for the Xbox One?

Yes, you can buy extra controllers for the Xbox One. Additional controllers can be purchased separately from retailers or online.

Do I need more than one controller for multiplayer games?

It depends on the number of players. If you have friends or family members who want to play multiplayer games with you, you will need additional controllers for each player.

Are the controllers included with the Xbox One wireless?

Yes, the controllers included with the Xbox One are wireless. They use Bluetooth technology to connect to the console.

How much do extra controllers for the Xbox One cost?

The price of extra Xbox One controllers can vary depending on the retailer and any discounts or promotions available. On average, they usually cost around $50-$60.

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