Black Desert Classes: A Comprehensive Guide

What are Black Desert classes?

Black Desert is an immensely popular MMORPG that offers players a wide variety of playable characters, each with their own unique playstyle and abilities. From mighty warriors to cunning sorceresses, there is a class for every type of player. In this article, we will explore the different playable characters in Black Desert and what sets them apart.

One of the most popular classes in Black Desert is the Warrior. As the name suggests, this class excels in close combat and is known for its high damage output and defensive capabilities. The Warrior can wield a variety of weapons, including a sword and shield or a two-handed greatsword, allowing players to choose a playstyle that suits them best. With powerful melee attacks and the ability to withstand a lot of damage, the Warrior is a formidable force on the battlefield.

Another interesting class in Black Desert is the Sorceress. This class specializes in dark magic and is capable of dealing devastating AoE damage to enemies. The Sorceress also has the ability to teleport and use powerful elemental attacks, making her a versatile and deadly opponent. With a high skill ceiling and the potential for massive damage, the Sorceress is a great choice for players who enjoy a more strategic and spellcasting-focused playstyle.

If you prefer a more agile and stealthy playstyle, the Ranger class might be your best bet. Rangers are masters of ranged combat, using bows and arrows to deal damage from a distance. They are also skilled in evasion and can quickly move across the battlefield, making them difficult targets to hit. With their high mobility and powerful ranged attacks, Rangers are a great choice for players who prefer hit-and-run tactics or enjoy kiting their opponents.

The Variety of Black Desert Classes

Black Desert is known for its diverse selection of playable characters or classes. Each class offers a unique playstyle and set of abilities, allowing players to find a character that suits their preferred playstyle. Here are some of the classes available in the game:

  • Warrior: A versatile and balanced class, the Warrior wields a sword and shield, excelling in both offense and defense.
  • Ranger: The Ranger is a master of ranged combat, using a bow to quickly and efficiently eliminate enemies from a distance.
  • Sorceress: This class wields dark magic to unleash devastating spells and has high mobility, making them excellent at hit-and-run tactics.
  • Berserker: The Berserker is a massive and powerful class, capable of dealing heavy damage with their dual axes and tremendous strength.
  • Tamer: The Tamer fights alongside a loyal wolf companion, combining their melee skills with the wolf’s agility and strength.
  • Valkyrie: This class specializes in melee combat and is known for their ability to provide support to their allies, making them a valuable asset in group play.
  • Wizard/Witch: Wizards and Witches wield powerful elemental magic, casting devastating spells that can decimate groups of enemies.
  • Musa/Maehwa: These classes are agile and swift, wielding swords and focusing on high-speed melee combat, making them excellent for hit-and-run attacks.

These are just a few examples of the classes available in Black Desert. Each class has its own unique playstyle and strengths, allowing players to find a character that suits their preferred style of gameplay. Whether you prefer melee combat, ranged attacks, or spellcasting, there is a class for every type of player in Black Desert.

Warrior Class: Protecting the Frontline

The Warrior class in Black Desert is a formidable force on the battlefield, known for their ability to protect the frontline and dish out devastating melee attacks. With their exceptional strength and resilience, Warriors excel at both offense and defense, making them a valuable asset to any team.

As natural-born leaders, Warriors are often seen leading the charge, taking the brunt of the enemy’s attacks and protecting their allies. They are equipped with heavy armor and wield a combination of a longsword and shield. This combination allows them to block incoming attacks while launching powerful counterattacks.

One of the key features of the Warrior class is their ability to switch between offensive and defensive stances. In offensive stance, Warriors focus on dealing high damage to their opponents, using fast and precise sword strikes to tear through enemy defenses. In defensive stance, they prioritize protecting themselves and their allies, using their shield to block incoming attacks and providing a solid defense for their team.

Warriors also possess a wide range of powerful skills and abilities. Some of their signature skills include Charging Thrust, a skill that allows them to charge forward and pierce through enemy defenses, and Ground Smash, a devastating area-of-effect skill that deals massive damage to multiple enemies. These skills, combined with their high physical strength, make Warriors a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

In addition to their offensive and defensive capabilities, Warriors also have access to a unique combat mechanic known as “Warrior’s Spirit”. This mechanic allows Warriors to build up their spirit over time, which can be consumed to unleash even more powerful attacks. Managing the Warrior’s Spirit effectively is crucial in maximizing the class’s damage output and overall effectiveness in combat.

Overall, the Warrior class in Black Desert is a versatile and powerful melee class that excels at protecting the frontline and dealing devastating blows to enemies. With their exceptional strength, resilience, and unique combat mechanics, Warriors are a popular choice for players who enjoy a balanced mix of offense and defense on the battlefield.

Ranger Class: Mastering Ranged Combat

The Ranger class in Black Desert is a versatile and powerful ranged combatant. This class is known for its excellent mobility, high damage capabilities, and exceptional crowd control abilities. The Ranger excels at taking down enemies from a safe distance, making her an ideal choice for players who prefer a more tactical approach to combat.

The Ranger class is equipped with a bow and can also use a sword for close-quarters combat. However, her true strength lies in her ability to rain down a flurry of arrows on her enemies from a distance. With her precise aim and quick attacks, she can deal devastating damage to both single targets and large groups of enemies.

One of the key features of the Ranger class is her mobility. She has the ability to quickly dash and evade attacks, allowing her to stay out of reach of her enemies while dealing damage. This makes her a difficult target to hit and grants her excellent survivability on the battlefield.

In addition to her high damage output and mobility, the Ranger class also has powerful crowd control abilities. She can use her skills to stun, knock down, or immobilize her enemies, effectively disabling them and giving her team an advantage in combat.

To maximize the effectiveness of the Ranger class, players must learn to master her unique playstyle. This involves utilizing her mobility to stay at a safe distance while dealing damage, timing her evasive maneuvers to avoid incoming attacks, and strategically using her crowd control abilities to control the battlefield.

In conclusion, the Ranger class in Black Desert is a formidable ranged combatant with excellent mobility, high damage output, and crowd control abilities. Players who enjoy a tactical and strategic playstyle will find the Ranger to be a rewarding and powerful class to master.

Sorceress Class: Wielding Dark Magic

The Sorceress class in Black Desert is a powerful mage who wields dark magic to devastate her enemies. She is a master of quick movements and deadly spells, making her a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

The Sorceress class has a unique playstyle that focuses on high burst damage and crowd control. She can cast powerful spells from a distance, dealing massive damage to multiple targets at once. With her dark magic, she can summon black orbs that explode upon impact, creating large area-of-effect damage. Her spells also have the ability to drain the life force of her enemies, allowing her to heal herself in the process.

One of the key strengths of the Sorceress class is her agility. She is extremely fast and can teleport across the battlefield, making her difficult to catch and hit. This allows her to stay mobile and avoid taking damage while dealing out devastating spells. Her speed and mobility make her an ideal choice for players who prefer a hit-and-run playstyle.

In addition to her offensive capabilities, the Sorceress class also possesses defensive skills. She can create protective barriers that shield her from damage, giving her extra survivability. This makes her a well-rounded class that can handle both offensive and defensive situations.

However, the Sorceress class does have some limitations. She relies heavily on her mana pool to cast spells, so managing her resources effectively is crucial. Her playstyle also requires precise timing and positioning to maximize her damage output and survivability. Players who enjoy a more strategic approach to combat will find the Sorceress class rewarding.

Overall, the Sorceress class in Black Desert is a formidable mage who excels in dealing high burst damage and controlling the battlefield. With her dark magic and agile movements, she is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Berserker Class: Unleashing Raw Power

The Berserker class in Black Desert is known for its raw power and unmatched strength on the battlefield. This class excels in close-quarters combat, using its massive body and brutal attacks to overpower opponents. As a Berserker, players can tap into the frenzy of their inner beast, unleashing devastating blows and wreaking havoc on the battlefield.

One of the defining characteristics of the Berserker class is its incredible strength. This class possesses immense physical power, allowing it to deliver bone-crushing blows that can quickly decimate enemies. The Berserker’s attacks are not only powerful but also have a wide area of effect, making it an excellent choice for dealing with groups of enemies.

In addition to its raw strength, the Berserker class also has the unique ability to grab and throw opponents. With its massive size, the Berserker can effortlessly pick up and hurl enemies around, creating opportunities for devastating combos. This grappling ability adds an extra layer of tactical gameplay, giving players the option to control the flow of battle by isolating and neutralizing key targets.

Furthermore, the Berserker class has access to powerful self-buffs. These buffs increase the Berserker’s damage output and survivability, allowing it to withstand heavy damage while dealing out devastating blows. With the right combination of buffs and skills, a Berserker can become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

It’s worth noting that the Berserker class has its fair share of weaknesses. Due to its massive size and slower movement speed, the Berserker may struggle against agile opponents who can outmaneuver them. Additionally, the Berserker’s reliance on close-quarters combat leaves it vulnerable to ranged attacks. However, skilled Berserkers can overcome these challenges through clever positioning and strategic use of their skills.

In conclusion, the Berserker class in Black Desert is a formidable force to be reckoned with. With its raw power, devastating attacks, and unique grappling abilities, the Berserker is capable of turning the tide of battle in its favor. However, players must also be mindful of the class’s weaknesses and adapt their playstyle accordingly. Whether you enjoy overpowering enemies with sheer strength or maneuvering them into submission, the Berserker class offers a thrilling and rewarding gameplay experience.

Tamer Class: Bonding with a Spirit Companion

The Tamer class in Black Desert is a unique playable character that forms a bond with a spirit companion known as a Heilang. This class is known for its agility, speed, and versatility, making it a popular choice among players.

When playing as a Tamer, you will have the ability to summon your Heilang companion to aid you in battle. The Heilang is a powerful creature that can attack enemies, provide buffs, and even heal you. This bond between tamer and Heilang allows for a dynamic playstyle that combines both melee and ranged attacks.

One of the key features of the Tamer class is its ability to switch between different combat modes. The Tamer can switch between melee combat, where she uses a short sword to deal close-range damage, and ranged combat, where she uses a bow to attack from a distance. This flexibility allows players to adapt to different situations and playstyles.

The Tamer class also has a unique set of skills and abilities that can be upgraded and customized. These skills can be used to perform powerful combos, control enemies, and provide support to your allies. Additionally, the Heilang companion has its own set of abilities that can be unleashed in combination with the Tamer’s skills, creating devastating attacks.

In addition to its combat abilities, the Tamer class also excels in mobility and evasion. The Tamer can perform quick dashes and jumps to avoid enemy attacks, making it a highly agile class. This mobility, combined with the Tamer’s ability to quickly switch between different combat modes, allows for fast-paced and fluid gameplay.

Overall, the Tamer class in Black Desert offers a unique playstyle that combines the agility and versatility of the Tamer with the power of the Heilang companion. Whether you prefer melee or ranged combat, the Tamer offers a dynamic and engaging experience that is sure to keep players entertained.

Witch/Wizard Class: Harnessing Elemental Forces

The Witch and Wizard are powerful magical classes in Black Desert. They both harness elemental forces to unleash devastating attacks upon their enemies. While they may seem similar at first glance, there are some key differences between the two classes.

Witches are female spellcasters who specialize in offensive magic. They have a wide range of area-of-effect spells that can deal massive damage to multiple enemies at once. Witches also have the ability to summon elemental spirits to aid them in battle. These spirits can provide additional buffs and support, making the Witch an invaluable asset in group fights.

On the other hand, Wizards are male spellcasters who focus on supportive magic. They have access to powerful healing spells that can keep themselves and their allies alive in battle. Wizards also excel at crowd control, with spells that can stun or freeze enemies. This makes them great for protecting their teammates and controlling the flow of combat.

Both the Witch and the Wizard have a wide variety of skills and abilities to choose from. They can specialize in different elemental forces, such as fire, lightning, and water. Each element offers unique spells and effects, giving players the ability to customize their playstyle and adapt to different situations.

In addition to their offensive and supportive abilities, the Witch and Wizard also have a few defensive options. They can create barriers to protect themselves or their allies, deflect incoming projectiles, and even teleport short distances to escape danger.

Overall, the Witch and Wizard classes in Black Desert are incredibly versatile and powerful. With their mastery over the elemental forces, they can deal devastating damage, provide healing and support, and control the battlefield. Whether you prefer offensive or supportive playstyles, the Witch and Wizard classes have something to offer for every magical adventurer.

Ninja/Kunoichi Class: Stealthy Assassins

Ninja/Kunoichi Class: Stealthy Assassins

The Ninja and Kunoichi classes in Black Desert are known for their stealthy and agile playstyles, making them excellent choices for players who enjoy being nimble and unpredictable on the battlefield.

As assassins, Ninjas and Kunoichis excel at stealth, deception, and quick, deadly strikes. They are masters of infiltration and assassination techniques, allowing them to silently eliminate their foes before they even realize what has happened.

One of the defining features of the Ninja and Kunoichi classes is their ability to move swiftly and silently across the battlefield. They are experts at using their stealth to their advantage, evading enemies and striking from unexpected angles. Their agility and acrobatic skills make them difficult to catch and predict, giving them an edge in combat.

Both classes have a wide array of powerful skills that allow them to deal devastating damage to their enemies. They can perform lightning-fast combos, combining melee attacks with flashy martial arts moves. Their weapons of choice are typically traditional Japanese katana swords, which they wield with deadly precision.

In addition to their offensive abilities, Ninjas and Kunoichis also have a set of defensive tools at their disposal. They can use smoke bombs, stuns, and evasive maneuvers to escape dangerous situations or turn the tide of battle in their favor. Their ability to vanish into thin air and reappear elsewhere makes them masters of misdirection, keeping their foes guessing.

However, it’s worth noting that playing as a Ninja or Kunoichi requires a skilled and strategic playstyle. These classes are not as forgiving as some others, as they rely heavily on timing and precise execution of their abilities. This makes them particularly rewarding for players who enjoy a challenge and want to master a complex and unique playstyle.

Overall, the Ninja and Kunoichi classes in Black Desert offer an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience. With their stealthy and lethal abilities, they are perfect for players who want to embrace the art of the assassin and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.


What classes are available in Black Desert?

In Black Desert, there are a total of 17 different classes available for players to choose from. Each class has its own unique playstyle and abilities.

Which class is the best for solo play?

The Archer class is often considered one of the best classes for solo play in Black Desert. With its long-range attacks and high mobility, it excels at taking down enemies from a distance.

What are some of the melee classes in Black Desert?

Some of the melee classes in Black Desert include the Warrior, Valkyrie, and Berserker. These classes specialize in close-quarters combat and have strong defensive capabilities.

Are there any magic-based classes in Black Desert?

Yes, Black Desert features several magic-based classes. Some examples include the Witch, Wizard, and Sorceress. These classes excel at casting powerful spells and dealing high amounts of magical damage.

What class should I choose if I prefer a supportive playstyle?

If you prefer a supportive playstyle, the Shai class might be a good fit for you. The Shai has various support skills, such as healing and buffing allies, making them a valuable asset in group play.

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